Twitter Intelligence for Health Sciences

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Twitter recently revealed that it is seeing over 400 million tweets per day. While that’s an impressive number and a great vanity metric for the Twitter folks, its also representative of the challenge facing brands and businesses in finding value from social media. There are now so many voices on Twitter that the volume is overwhelming and it is seemingly impossible to separate the signal from the noise. Insightful conversations around brands, categories, companies, and entire industries are taking place, but they are hidden in a vast stream of tweets.

Twitter Intelligence for Health Sciences
Health is undoubtably one of the most searched, researched, and talked about subjects on the web. Twitter reflects this trend, led by patients who have turned to Twitter to research medical conditions and connect with support communities. Joining pioneering individual patients, we see a growing presence of medical associations, practicing physicians, health professionals, researchers, health publishers, hospitals, pharma companies, and device manufacturers. These stakeholders are tweeting about
all facets of the health industry, from patient experiences to clinical trial results.

At Starling140, our goal is to help customers make sense of this massive volume of content, generating signal from noise, insight from data, and intelligence from information. In order to do this, we monitor, tag, filter, and organize the unstructured, raw Twitter content into precise, spam-free feeds on specific health and disease topics.

In-depth, quality insight is the foundation for an effective social media strategy, from simply monitoring the conversations and people discussing your industry to actively engaging and shaping to relevant conversations:

  • Precision monitoring of specific disease topics or keywords
  • The latest trends and news in any disease topic
  • Maps of the social network and who is connected to whom
  • Lists of key influencers organized by customer type, such as physicians, patients, hospitals, pharma, etc.
  • A roadmap to engage with customers and influence the conversation in your areas of interest

The Starling140 Advantage
Are you looking for deeper understanding of your customers? Are you intent on keeping the pulse of your disease area or specialty? Are you ready to engage with the key influencers or become an influencer yourself? We’d like to help.
We’re convinced that an intelligent use of Twitter health insight can led to better patient outcomes.

Ready to learn more? We’d be happy to hear from you.

About Starling140
Starling140 delivers insight from Twitter. We’re dedicated to finding relevant, meaningful conversations and helping companies understand and engage with their customers and key influencers.

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