Understand your customer

Listening is the foundation of your marketing plan and a successful social media strategy, but with limited time and resources, you want to monitor only the most relevant conversations and users. Starling140 helps you pinpoint conversations specific to your therapeutic areas of interest. We go beyond standard Twitter searches, filtering out spam and archiving quality tweets around your keywords.

The Starling140 listening platform

Starling140 is a purpose-built listening platform that is ready-to-run with minimal adaptation. We can handle projects of all sizes, from a “mini” implementation tracking very specialized or rare (i.e. long-tail) keywords to broad, multi-topic implementations across multiple geographies and languages.

For custom monitoring projects, Starling140 can be easily adapted and expanded to fit your needs.

What you can expect

Twitter reflects the interests of its users and news-worthiness of topics. Some diseases and keywords receive millions of tweets every day, while other topics are rarely mentioned. Regardless of the volumes, we’ll work with you to optimize keywords and  focus on the content you want to monitor.

Some examples of the conversations we track:

  • Disease awareness
  • Treatments and therapy choices
  • Research, studies and clinical trials
  • Regulatory news and announcements
  • Patient experiences
  • Brand and company mentions

Discover the movers and shakers behind a topic. We can help you identify the hidden online key influencers in any therapeutic area.
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