How It Works

Our core technology is based on the latest research in social network analysis and our own knowledge of the healthcare environment

By Twitter’s own estimates, over 250 million tweets are published everyday. Yet, only a fraction of that volume of content is relevant to your brand and areas of interest. We’ve refined the process of distilling vast user-generated data into subject-specific and spam-free insight. Our techniques for pinpointing healthcare specific conversations combine recent research on social network analysis with our own knowledge of the healthcare environment. The result is precise information on social media conversations and authors across dozens of therapeutic areas.

Real-time data collection and filtering

Starling140’s platform collects a continuous stream of tweets, along with information on authors, around therapeutic areas and custom keywords relevant for your brand or company.

  1. Incoming tweets are filtered for quality and relevance, removing spam and noise in the process.
  2. Spammers and bots are tracked and blacklisted.
  3. Filters segment content by language, geography, and type of conversation (patient experience, therapy choice, brand mentions, research, etc.).

What are people saying about your brand, your competitors, and the related disease areas? Our listening platform zeros in on relevant healthcare conversations without all the spam and noise.

The science of influence

Proprietary network analysis identifies authoritative authors specific to your keywords.


Discover the movers and shakers behind a topic. We can help you identify the hidden online key influencers in any therapeutic area.
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