Opinion leaders 2.0

Twitter offers a unique opportunity to discover the individuals who share content and influence conversations around healthcare topics. Opinion leaders are no longer limited to print publications and academic affiliations, but increasingly built their credibility through social networks.

We analyze millions of tweets to uncover the hidden influencers who initiate and amplify conversations around disease areas. These are not necessarily celebrities with thousands of followers, but researchers, e-patients, clinical practitioners who are authoritative in communities of practice around a specific disease area.

Social network analysis

In this age of Klout scores, rating influence in social media has become a science. We apply the principles of social network analyses to discover the most influential Twitter authors around disease areas.


Discover the benefits

We’ll build a custom list of key influencers for your areas of interest which can be immediately used for opinion leader driven activities:

  • Recruit online influencers to scientific advisory boards
  • Improve outreach programs to patient advocacy groups
  • Enhance traditional KOL management strategies with social network leaders
  • Run targeted campaigns and focus groups to the most relevant, interested users
  • Manage your brand reputation with influential advocates
  • Reach relevant stakeholders for effective crisis management

What are people saying about your brand, your competitors, and the related disease areas? Our listening platform zeros in on relevant healthcare conversations without all the spam and noise.
Don’t let other speak for your brand. We help you setup and manage an effective Twitter presence.
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