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Healthcare Tweet Database

We're monitoring 36 disease areas on Twitter. Data collected in the last 24 hours:

Disease Areas: 36
Total Tweets: 289,013
High Quality Tweets: 173,971
Total Authors: 234,790
Digital Opinion Leaders: 148,908
Healthcare Hashtags: 15,916

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Twitter Intelligence for Health Sciences
Twitter recently revealed that it is seeing over 400 million tweets per day. While that’s an impressive number and a great vanity metric for the Twitter folks, its also representative of the challenge facing brands and businesses in finding value from social media. There are now so many voices on Twitter that the volume is […]
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Disease Area Discussions on Twitter

Starling140 currently tracks 36 disease area conversations on Twitter. Our first report highlights which diseases are most discussed and who is contributing to the conversations.
View or download this presentation here: Turning Twitter Health Conversations into Brand Insights